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Whether you are a pastor, missionary, or ministry leader, you probably have felt the need to be more engaging online, but haven't had the time or the personel to make it happen. As a Christian video production company we want to help churches use media to advance the gospel. 
Creating a Media Strategy
Many pastors get stuck because they don't have a vision for how to use media. It's okay, we can help you make a media strategy that fits your ministry and budget.

Video Editing
The content of your videos are of the utmost importance. You need to be able to trust a Christian video editor to successfully communicate the gospel. With over 15 years of video editing experience, and formalized discipleship training, Kramer has been trusted by many ministries to help deliver their message in a Christ-honoring fashion.

Video Production
Designed with portability in mind, our equipment and expertise is designed to bring quality video to your ministry. We have served ministries across the US, some on-location, and others remotely depending on the needs of the project.

The services above are quoted on a per-project basis. For churches that would like to create videos more regularly for their website, facebook, instagram, or other social media outlets, the monthly filmmaking program could be the best fit for you.

Monthly Filmmaking Plan
The monthly filmmaking plan creates a cost effective way for ministries to have regular, ongoing video work done, at a cost-per-hour similar to an in-house team. This is an excellent avenue for small ministries to get started using video for as little as $99 per month.
Example of Our Work
"...viewers retain 95% of a video’s message compared to 10% when reading text."
How the Monthly Program Works
      For $99 a month, you secure an insider rate that dramatically cuts the costs of video production for your ministry. To illustrate, let's look at a couple options you may have considered in the past.
      If you were to do video production "in-house" for your church, you could expect to pay; $10k-25k in initial equipment purchases, $45k per year for a filmmaker (national average according to ZipRecruiter), and $1k-5k per year of recurring software and equipment expenses. After all this you would be looking at $57k-75k to start, and the figures could go much higher than that if you wanted. 
      Alternatively you could outsource with a video production company and pay anywhere from $1,200-$20,000 per finished minute. This is normal and completely fair for them to charge this because it is very expensive to be in the video production business. Usually freelance filmmakers are encouraged to try and make a minimum of $100-150 per hour to cover all their costs and feed their families. 
      With prices like this it's no wonder why small churches have been sitting on the sidelines while millennials engage with the world of media. But what if you had another option?
      As a Christian who is also a millennial, I believe one of the most effective ways I can spend my life is by helping churches utilize media to the glory of God. Our monthly program works because it spreads the costs of filmmaking out across multiple ministries and gives churches the media help they need at a price they can afford. Why sit idle in this online battle for truth when you can begin reaching people today with the Gospel? 
      The $99 per month covers two hours of filmmaking, whether that's strategizing, filming, editing, distributing, or training, it will be utilized effectively for your ministry. If additional hours are needed, they are billed at $49 per hour and will be checked-off with you ahead of time so you are never stuck with unexpected expenses. I honestly believe this is the best video production option for many small churches and can't wait to hear how you want to begin engaging more people with the Gospel!
"I have worked with Kramer for many years on many projects. He is not only a delightful man but he is supremely talented with that camera - possessing the rare blend of artistic excellence and uncompromising Gospel intentionality. When Kramer is a part of a project, there are a handful of things you can bank on: 1) It will be done on time, 2) it will be done on budget, 3) it will be produced with reverence for the Truth, and 4) it will be shockingly good quality. This guy is the real deal!" 
Eric Ludy - President - Ellerslie Mission Society

"Kramer put together a video which told the story of the history of our mission over the last 130 plus years. This was no easy task. He worked with me and our mission historian to create something for all our staff, supporters, and churches, to have in hand. We are so thrilled with the final product. The visuals and sound all exceeded our hopes. This video is seen almost everyday and will be for years to come."
Mike Davis - Director of Mobilization - EFCA ReachGlobal

"I am just starting off in the world of video and Kramer has been an amazing resource for me. Kramer is knowledgeable, excellent at his work and easy to work with. Kramer has been able to put legs on projects I have wanted to start for a long time, but have not had the personal expertise to launch on my own. He has offered next step solutions, produced high quality work, and given detailed analysis that have taken my dreams from concept to reality. I highly recommend Kramer for anyone with audio and video editing needs, whether looking for assistance with small or large scale projects. Thank you for bringing a professional look to my videos, educating me for future projects and making the process simple."
David Brenneman - Founder - Discipleship 360

“Kramer was very attentive to His Little Feet’s vision for our video project.  He captured beautiful videos that creatively share the message.” 
Mike Hahn - Director - His Little Feet

"In a short time Kramer produced a video that really sold our ministry to those who support our camp. Kramer was one of the best I've ever worked with at helping us articulate our vision for the video. He got us to put our needs into a descriptive word picture that was refined and to the point. Kramer understands ministries and has a great heart for the Kingdom of God."
Daniel Jensen - Lakeside Bible Camp

Kramer worked with us on a small project which yielded  great dividends. We needed a short video to introduce our church and invite people to join us in worship. Today, it is still the one thing people mention when sharing how they found us. We cannot recommend Kramer highly enough, no matter how large or how small your project. In Kramer O'Keefe Productions, we found a company that strives for excellence and provides great value.
Andy Voelker - Lead Pastor - Christian Life Center Whidbey Island
Heroic Life Discipleship
Heroic Life Discipleship
His Little Feet
His Little Feet
Lakeside Bible Camp
Lakeside Bible Camp
Ellerslie Mission Society
Ellerslie Mission Society
Set Apart Girl
Set Apart Girl
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