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Film is arguably the most effective communication tool available today. It combines and conveys story, art, and emotion better than text, images, or audio alone. But sadly, many churches and ministries either don’t use video at all or use it poorly. If not used at all, you are missing out on a great chance to spread your message online. If used poorly, it is likely making a worse impression than if you had no video at all.

As a church or ministry, your primary goal is to handle the Gospel of Christ faithfully and accurately. As a Christian film company, we have the same desire. We not only have years of experience in video production but also a love and desire to glorify Jesus Christ. We specialize in creating Christ-centered media so ministries like yours can be more effective.

Whether it is a church promotional video, sermon video, or Christian short film, we can help you be more purposeful in your use of media. We begin by helping you make a strategy for media use that can help drive more traffic to your website, engage visitors, and give people a greater sense of connection with what you are doing. Once accomplished, we work with you to create high quality, shareable media that helps your ministry grow and reach its goals.

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Below are a few of the ministries we've been honored to work with.